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Telepresents in schools

Not sure about this one. Unless the teachers are always checking to see if the face is blinking see kids hacking these quickly. 



Drexel University

  • Nanostuctures of Carbon Materials
  • Experimental Techniques In Materials
  • ST:Nanostruct.Polymeric Materl
  • Structure and Properties of Polymers
  • Problems In Engr Admini
  • Project Management for Engineers
  • Systems Engineering Management
  • Visual Systems Mapping
  • Financial Management
  • Economics Engineering Management
  • Problems in Human Relations
  • Operations Research
  • Engineering Management
  • Managing within the Law
  • Numerical Engineering Methods
  • Engineering Law
  • Schedule Structures


  • Enterprise Systems Engineering Overview
  • Generational Diversity Working Across the Generational Divide
  • Electrical Engineering Basics
  • V5 Process and Tools Suite Overview
  • Change Management for Design Engineers
  • Compliance with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act FCPA
  • Information Security
  • Understanding Good Requirements
  • Writing Good Requirements
  • Intellectual Property for Engineers and Technologists
  • Compliance with the India Integrity Pact
  • Enterprise U.S. Export Awareness Overview
  • Property Management Fundamentals
  • Basic U.S. Import Compliance Awareness
  • Trade Secrets and Proprietary Information
  • Acceptance of Business Courtesies – Anti-Kickback
  • Electronic Data Management Systems
  • Export-Import Practitioner
  • Teamcenter Tc8 for Designers
  • Integration Visualization Tool
  • Truth In Negotiations Act
  • Recruiting/Hiring Govt Employees – COI
  • Procurement Integrity
  • Reporting Actual 'book of account' Cost
  • College Programs: On Campus Rep Training
  • Structured Interview Training
  • Parametric Estimating and Analysis – Level 1
  • ISO 14001 Awareness Training
  • Site-Wide Baseline Change Request Process
  • Basics of Improvement Curve Theory & Practice
  • Dimensional Management Process Overview
  • Product Engineering Process & Application
  • Compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act