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How long till Black Hole Weapons are real?

When I was reading this article on black hole research being done at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) all I could think of was how long they the weaponize this.     If you think this is a preposterous idea just look at all of the video games and movies that have identified black hole generators as weapons like Quake,Read the rest of this page »

Could This Robot Save Your Job? Probably Not.

I really like the Roomba.  It is the first real robot that started to be accepted as part of daily life.  The folks behind the Roomba are trying to make a similar stride forward in the workplace with their next creation, Baxter. Baxter is a semi fixed robot that can be easily compared to legacy production robots with one keyRead the rest of this page »

Crowd Sourced Engineering

Over the past 4 or 5 years I have watched the growth of crowd sourced design.  I have seen protein folding projects claim success by harnessing the crowd.  I have also seen SETI grow their search for life from harnessing thousands of computers to now also harnessing their owners. I have not personally taken part in any projects, so IRead the rest of this page »

Virtual co pilots?

I just read this article about BAE future plans for the Typhoon and did not a get a warm and fuzzy about their concept to create an AI (Artificial Intelligence) wingman.  I did however like the idea of creating a link to ground pilot’s stations to enhance the capability of the fighter without a huge investment in AI.  To beRead the rest of this page »

Microsoft’s integrated devices vision vs reality

I have always liked the vision that Microsoft creates for the future.  And the video they released this week continues to show how they are bringing that vision to life.  This is not the first video like this they have released but this is the first one with real devices taking the place of CGI as they demonstrate the connectivityRead the rest of this page »

3D printing hits another milestone

Additive manufacturing also known as 3D printing is really starting to get amazing.  Several applications have started to impact how I do my job at the military aerospace level. Firstly, 3D printing with metal that can be heat treated to high strength aerospace grade parts. NASA recently used a technique called selective metal melting (SLM) with great success to build rocketRead the rest of this page »

Smart Phone Thermal Imaging App = I Want

With energy usage becoming more important to the planet at large this App looks to be perfect for making people smarter about their homes.  However, from an individual perspective with a new baby at home we are using energy at an increasing rate.  I have purchased some energy monitoring equipment to help understand my usage better, but this type ofRead the rest of this page »

China wants to have a space station by 2020

Europe May Work with China on Space Station. http://goo.gl/mag/sSZo4Dw This is going to be interesting.  A western and an eastern space station.  So many questions. Besides Europe who else will partner with China on this project?  Will India will want a piece of the pie?  Where will western space dominance go as the rest of the world begins to masterRead the rest of this page »

Telepresents in schools

Not sure about this one. http://huff.to/12RRo1l Unless the teachers are always checking to see if the face is blinking see kids hacking these quickly. 

Cool nerd toys

Growing up I collected little models of every aircraft I could find. Now I get to add space craft to the mix…. cool http://goo.gl/mag/MwsIzUj

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