How long till Black Hole Weapons are real?

When I was reading this article on black hole research being done at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) all I could think of was how long they the weaponize this.  


If you think this is a preposterous idea just look at all of the video games and movies that have identified black hole generators as weapons like Quake, Master’s of Orion, Mega Man and latest Star Trek Movie just to name a few.  We have all seen many examples of where Sci-Fi ideas eventually become reality. So when I started doing a little digging I found that someone is working on creating micro black hole generators.

“Chinese scientists have stunned the world of boffinry by fashioning an artificial "black hole" generator out of copper-coated circuit boards.

Disappointingly this is not a black hole in the normal sense of a universe-wrackingly dense lump of hypercompressed matter, exerting a gravitational pull so fearsome that not even light itself can escape – hence the blackness – of the sort which, some say, might be created by means of certain exotic experiments and then gobble up the entire Earth (and/or Moon and Sun) in a terrifying yet unambiguously newsworthy apocalypse incident.” 

I also found somebody working on black hole powered propulsion systems.

It is cool to know that black holes can be used for good…But will they be used to kill first?

Also here is a video from the game quake that shows one way a hand held weapon might work. About 18 second in.



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