Microsoft’s integrated devices vision vs reality

I have always liked the vision that Microsoft creates for the future.  And the video they released this week continues to show how they are bringing that vision to life. 

This is not the first video like this they have released but this is the first one with real devices taking the place of CGI as they demonstrate the connectivity they think is coming. 

I have a problem how Microsoft is implementing the future they describe. The individual devices and software Microsoft puts flounder and do not directly support the vision in the second video.  What I mean by that is the video give the impression of super convent, super user friendly devices that work everywhere, all of the time.  But in reality their track record usually ends up on the opposite side of the tracks when compared to its rivals.

I would guess that Microsoft is not using this video to communicate this uber convenient vision to all of it employees, but to its customers.  And there is where I feel that Microsoft, like many large companies is falling down big time.  This type of vision needs to be integral to every project, every employee and every budget discussion.  If it were I believe Microsoft would be fielding devices that would be more successful.  The same goes for other large companies I see that are struggling to be innovative and successful today.

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