About JJ

JJ PilotJJ Biel-Goebel is a program manager at the Industry leading Center for Advanced Transportation Technology lab at the University of Maryland. The CATT Lab as it is affectionately called focuses on big data science as it relates to the transportation industry. JJ leads efforts in the manipulation, archrival and visualization of petabyte size datasets used by a variety of companies, government agencies and universities.  Previously JJ was Lead Engineer on the Chinook Integrated Product Team in charge of affordable redesign. As such, JJ has direct leadership of a team of engineers, planners and support personnel on two continents responsible for redesigning large sections of the airframe.  Prior to this position JJ had functional responsibility for over 500 engineers supporting and managed the development and deployment of processes, tools and training on the Chinook Program.  JJ has also held the role of functional process lead within the Mechanical/structural Engineering function at the enterprise level, supporting 4,600 designers and analysts for structures, mechanical/fluid systems, support and training equipment. Learn More.

Currently, JJ is working on small robotics projects in the DC area with some unbelievable team mates. 

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