Engineering Lead: Structures Design


Des WestmoreRe-order
Principal Designer at GKN Aerospace

In the short time I have worked with JJ he has proved himself to be very helpful and extremely competent in his job while still maintaining a friendly and relaxed approach to his work.

February 27, 2013, Des worked with JJ at Boeing


Russ SimpsonRe-order
Manager H-47 Process & Tools at Boeing

JJ has provided excellent service to the Chinook team in a variety of areas for Engineering. He is a strong process & tools person with a positive attitude and strong knowledge of Engineering concepts and processes. His hard work and focus make him a valuable member of any team and I use his skills and knowledge to support Chinook Engineering.

September 1, 2010, Russ managed JJ indirectly at Boeing


Melissa K. English
Engineering Specialist at Boeing

JJ has a great talent for looking ahead for future business, business impacts, business improvements, and for being able to see 'the big picture'. He has the ability to immediately interpret technical data which he might not be familiar with, understand the logic driving it, and provide applicable solutions. JJ takes the time to hear and understand all input, and while not infinging on collegues contributions, he will supply appropriate clarification and/or resolution for the topic at hand. His skills include mechanical engineering, technical writing, cost account management, and marketing.

August 27, 2010, Melissa K. worked directly with JJ at Boeing


Engineering Lead: Enterprise Processes


Ahsan Iqbal
RAMIS Program Manager/ Rapid Prototyping Head

JJ thinks outside the box. All of us will sit there and hear the same thing and JJ will say something that makes everyone think twice about their assumptions and then say,"Now why didn't I think about that!". He is not afraid to espouse his ideas and is very passionate about carrying them forward. I really like the fact that he will take initiative and make things happen. Absolutely a great guy to have on your team.

December 31, 2009, Ahsan managed JJ indirectly at Boeing


Mike McAdams

JJ Biel-Goebel is an energetic charismatic leader. I have known JJ through the MSE process development teams where he naturally facilitates the multi function meetings. His organization of the many process developers across multiple sites is very commendable. His drive to provide high quality in spite of severe roadblocks is enviable.

March 31, 2009, Mike worked with JJ at Boeing


Brian Chiesi
Engineering Director – The Boeing Company

I have worked with JJ over the past 2 years in various roles in support of the IDS mechanical structures common process and tools initiatives. JJ is a high energy, self starter, able to lead a diverse group of people to achieve a common goal. He is well organized, focused on the goals and objectives of the team, has the skills needed to work with various skill levels and personallities. I would want JJ on my porjects and highly recommend him.

March 1, 2009, Brian worked directly with JJ at Boeing


Anthony Aievoli, PE
Engineer at Boeing

I have worked with JJ over the past 5+ years. First as my role as a Hydraulic Design engineer I had to interface with him while he was working in the structures group. As allot of my components interfaced with structure he was responsible for a significant amount of coordination was required. JJ has excellent communication skills making it easy to accomplish the task with great results. At the time I had little experience with CAD. I would use JJ as a tutor and gained a far greater knowledge of CAD with his help. 

More recently my role has progressed to a Hydraulic Design subject matter expert. Again working/interfacing with JJ to ensure the hydraulic design process (using new V5 CAD tool) fits in the over all MSE (JJ's) process. As with my prior experience with JJ he communicates the requirements, direction, and goals for the process clearly and has an excellent understanding of the entire process.

February 27, 2009, Anthony worked with JJ at Boeing

Rudy Moreno
Senior Manager at The Boeing Company

JJ is a High Potential and High Performing individual. His knowledge of the design process and supporting tool sets well exceed his years of experience. He was provided the opportunity to apply his skills within the IDS-MSE arena. The specific task was to provide Peer Leadership to define and publish a common Design Process. The team included members across IDS, Phantom Works and Commercial Aerospace. It was very refreshing to witness JJ leading Subject Matter Experts possessing significantly more years of experience. His calm, collective and methodical nature drove the right engagement and response within the team, which eventually led to its success. It has been my pleasure getting to know JJ, and I look forward to seeing him grow within The Boeing Company. Knowing individuals such as JJ will guide us into the future, says alot for where we are going and puts many minds at ease!

February 25, 2009, Rudy managed JJ indirectly at Boeing

Don Hicks
Senior Manager Boeing Engineering

I am a senior manager for the Boeing Company and have been JJ's direct manager for approximately 3 years. JJ's knowledge, work ethic and determination immediately improve a team’s dynamics. He makes every team he's part of better. His strong character and knowledge make JJ well respected among her peers. JJ has worked several positions over the years but has most certainly excelled in the area of Boeing Process & Tools. He's not only developed himself as a subject matter expert but also an innovator and leader in this area. He has great vision and the ability reach difficult goals & objectives. JJ consistently demonstrates above average leadership qualities. Though I'd hate to lose him, I will certainly reccomend him for a career advancement or opportunity.

February 25, 2009, Don managed JJ at Boeing


Chris Leva
Structures Engineer at Boeing

JJ is a detail driven individual who can still manage the overall process while it is evolving. He has been instrumental in pulling together a myriad of projects into one interconnected process without losing the thread of the go forward solution. JJ has experience in working with and coordinating the work of groups that consist of large amounts of people located in vastly dispersed geographic locations.

February 25, 2009, Chris worked directly with JJ at Boeing

Cliff Barnett
Senior Manager at Boeig

I have work with JJ over the last two years on the MSE Process teams. JJ always takes the lead to get the task done. He has board knowledge in the area of mechanical design and design processes. Without JJ the BPG-05-90004 Mechanical/Structural Design Process would have never got done. 
The bottom line as a manager for over 46 years at the Boeing Company I would highly recommend JJ for any job.

February 25, 2009, Cliff managed JJ indirectly at Boeing

Engineer: Structures Design


Eric Nichols
Director of Strategy and Special Projects at DaVita

JJ is a very capable engineer but has a far wider set of skills and capabilities. He is very creative and persuasive and will doubtless become a leader in the near future.

April 4, 2007, Eric worked directly with JJ at Boeing








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