Ice Safety Research

Leading a multi-site research team that is doing tech readiness level 2-4 research on a safety of flight proprietary project.

Shake Improvements

The shake position is the final inspection position on a product assembly line. The inspection and repair hours had been increasing for several years and a team was tasked with identifying root causes and implementing a corrective action plan to lean out the shake inspection position. I was one of four team members assigned to this project and played a significant role in understanding the problem and coordinating line managers as they implemented the team’s solutions. 

Enterprise Process Development

I was tasked with documenting the enterprise wide design process for the mechanical engineering function. This task required coordinating over 30 subject matter experts from across 13 sites and 8 sub functions. I managed schedule, costs, people, performance and the delivery of products while keeping executive leadership within Boeing up to speed.

Redesign for Manufacturing

Managed a multi-million dollar redesign effort, supplier selection, flight test and build planning of flight critical components. This project required the coordination of multiple engineering functions, multiple product teams, multiple customers, operations and a team of 4 engineers. Several large risks were identified and realized resulting in significant schedule delays and cost overruns. Working with senior leadership through schedule recovery efforts resulted in a quality product that had a significantly reduced ROI.


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