Program Manager

University of Maryland Center for Advanced Transportation Technology Laboratory (CATT Lab)

Washington D.C. Metro Area

Program Manager: Multi-site team made up of over 80 full and part time programmers working on industry leading transportation and big data visualization web tools.
• Migrate lab from startup business model to mid-size business model.
• Manage IT organization, agile software development, software load testing, research activities, and publication writing.
• Capture work from international, academic and commercial customers and put in place CRM
• Coordinate real time 24/7 customer support activities and software maintenance services.
• Improve on time delivery from 2 months late to 1 week early, product quality from using customers as testers to standing up an in house quality team, moved lab from SVN/Trac to GIT/Jira and put in place continuous integration servers with document configuration controls.
• Direct transition from relational PostgreSQL to Hadoop, from no redundant capability to multisite 24/7 SLA capable.
• Lead staff, hiring / firing, performance reviews, individual growth, team dynamics and culture change.



Engineering Lead: Aircraft Structures



Project Leader: Multi-team, multi-company $20mil plus engineering redesign, tool design and production support project.
• Managing tight schedule, workforce planning, buyers, spares, export licensing, financial performance, contractual performance, and task assignments for 3 projects ranging from 5 -14 person international team.
• Coordinating program data delivery, change management, first time quality, domestic suppliers, foreign suppliers, USG customers, DOD Supply Chain, quality assurance and tooling integration for over 1000 parts.
• Deconstructed Army and Air Force aviation customer needs to develop long range plans, mission critical milestones, program tier V schedules and staffing projections for new thermal critical composite flight test programs conducted out of Blue Grass Army Depot.

(Open)1 project
  • Redesign for Manufacturing

    Managed a multi-million dollar redesign effort, supplier selection, flight test and build planning of flight critical components. This project required the coordination of multiple engineering functions, multiple product teams, multiple customers,…

(Open)14 courses, including:
  • Compliance with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act FCPA
  • Information Security
  • Understanding Good Requirements
  • Writing Good Requirements
  • Intellectual Property for Engineers and Technologists
  • Compliance with the India Integrity Pact
  • Enterprise U.S. Export Awareness Overview
  • Property Management Fundamentals
  • Basic U.S. Import Compliance Awareness
  • Trade Secrets and Proprietary Information

(Open)4 recommendations, including:
  • Kevin Gumma
    Kevin Gumma
    Design Team Leader at GKN Aerospace

    My team and I worked as suppliers to JJ and his team for 7 months. During that time I was most impressed with his attention…View

  • Des Westmore
    Des Westmore
    Principal Designer at GKN Aerospace

    In the short time I have worked with JJ he has proved himself to be very helpful and extremely competent in his job while…View


Functional Lead: Core Engineering



Process Architect: Multi-site team made up of senior level subject matter experts and reported to team of executives and VP’s
• Documented Boeing Defense Systems’ Mechanical/ Structural common Design process that were flowed out to over 30,000 engineers to support current programs and new business activities.
• Streamlined Boeing Defense System’s design tools company policies, procedures in accordance with government regulations and statues to reduce IT spending by over $10mil annually.
• Recognized as a structures & mechanical systems design subject matter expert and assisted in creating training, web pages, videos, over 100 documents.
• Participated in several non advocate reviews for active programs, technical decisions, IT and purchases with Boeing and Military senior leadership.

(Open)2 projects
  • Ice Safety Research

    Leading a multi-site research team that is doing tech readiness level 2-4 research on a safety of flight proprietary project.

  • Enterprise Process Development

    I was tasked with documenting the enterprise wide design process for the mechanical engineering function. This task…

(Open)5 courses
  • Enterprise Systems Engineering Overview
  • Generational Diversity Working Across the Generational Divide
  • Electrical Engineering Basics
  • V5 Process and Tools Suite Overview
  • Change Management for Design Engineers

(Open)8 recommendations, including:
  • Ahsan Iqbal
    Ahsan Iqbal
    RAMIS Program Manager/ Rapid Prototyping Head

    JJ thinks outside the box. All of us will sit there and hear the same thing and JJ will say something that makes everyone…View

  • Mike McAdams
    Mike McAdams

    JJ Biel-Goebel is an energetic charismatic leader. I have known JJ through the MSE process development teams where he…View


Design Engineer: Aviation Programs



Senior Designer: Selected to be part of high performance quick response team to support programs in need of stop gap multi-disciplined engineers
• Supported commercial wide body jet design for several Boeing products enabling programs to recover schedule and cost.
• Supported foreign countries and the United States military large fixed wing aircraft program integration and design for manufacturing efforts to enable programs to recover cost and schedule while increasing their production rates and first time quality metrics.
• Completed work as a designer, structural analyst, loads engineer, test lead, damage tolerance analyst, repairs analysis, sustainment documentation and process designer while coordinating with maintenance teams across the globe.
• Programs include: MH-47, AH-64, MH-60, 747, 787, 737, MMA, 767, B1, and other non-standard unmanned products.

(Open)14 courses, including:
  • Integration Visualization Tool
  • Truth In Negotiations Act
  • Recruiting/Hiring Govt Employees – COI
  • Procurement Integrity
  • Reporting Actual ‘book of account’ Cost
  • College Programs: On Campus Rep Training
  • Structured Interview Training
  • Parametric Estimating and Analysis – Level 1
  • ISO 14001 Awareness Training
  • Site-Wide Baseline Change Request Process

Engineer: Structures Design



Designer: Recognized as most productive engineer on a 20 member team tasked with redesigning and converting engineering from 2D to 3D large sections of a 50 year airframe to reduce production costs.
• Cemented design knowledge for composites, machining, sheet metal, assembly design and FT&A in a model based environment.

(Open)1 recommendation
  • Eric Nichols
    Eric Nichols
    Director of Strategy and Special Projects at DaVita

    JJ is a very capable engineer but has a far wider set of skills and capabilities. He is very creative and persuasive and will doubtless become a leader in the near future.View

Aircraft Mechanic and Avionics Repairmen

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Daytona Beach

Aircraft mechanic, avionics, installation and trouble shooting . Learning, working, stuffing and troubleshooting both GA and large commercial avionics systems. Engine overhaul, hot and cold section inspections, engine test, sheet metal and composite repairs, hydraulics, control systems, environmental systems, and fuel systems.



Seahawk and Blackhawk Interiors Designer

Sikorsky Aircraft

West Palm Beach

•A 9 Month Co-op position that focused on the interior design, structures, avionics and structure modifications of the S-76 Seahawk and Blackhawk
•Self-taught CATIA V4 in less than three months.






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