Drexel University

MS, Materials Engineering

(Open)4 courses
  • Nanostuctures ofCarbon Materials
  • Experimental Techniques In Materials
  • ST:Nanostruct.Polymeric Materl
  • Structure and Properties of Polymers

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Drexel University

MS, Engineering Managment

(Open)13 courses, including:
  • Problems In Engr Admini
  • Project Management for Engineers
  • Systems Engineering Management
  • Visual Systems Mapping
  • Financial Management
  • Economics Engineering Management
  • Problems in Human Relations
  • Operations Research
  • Engineering Management
  • Managing within the Law

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The National Graduate School

MS, Systems Engineering and Quality

(Open)1 project
  • Shake Improvements

    The shake position is the final inspection position on a product assembly line. The inspection and repair hours had been increasing for several years and a team was tasked with identifying root causes and implementing a corrective action plan to…View





















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