Automated Job Systems?

With all of this job searching I am staring to get extremely frustrated with the state of automated job application systems.  Each company has their own system where you need to manually enter your info into forms that vary in detail, complexity, speed and automation.  And to make things almost worse I was initially applying for jobs in two cities: Columbus, OH. and Washington DC.  The Job systems in Columbus were significantly more user friendly than those found at DC companies.  The Columbus job applications systems were more likely to be integrated with or Linkedin than those in DC.


Not to name specific companies, but I felt like the systems I am encountering in DC are a joke.  I understand that there is a glut of applicants and that the leverage is on the side of the company, so they do not need to update their system.  But these systems represent their companies, their brands and their workers.  And in many cases I am instantly annoyed by extremely un-user friendly systems that I am not applying for the job because entering the data in their system just isn’t worth more annoyance.


To add insult to injury, the reason many companies have turned to these systems is so they can do macro level filters, key word searchers and use other techniques to easily cut through the proverbial “chaf” of applicants and get to only the worthy resumes.  I started looking up articles on how effective these systems are and it shows that these automated systems may actually doing further damage to these companies by filtering off worthy candidates.


Articles I went through include:


These and many more articles talk about a class of systems that in my mind make a mockery of the hiring process. 


But what can I do, I need a Job.  Looks like I will be doing some optimizing here soon.

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