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The sensor testbed is built

It has begun.  I have started coding in RobotC for the first time ever tonight.  WOO HOO!!! I would have started programming on Thursday, but a vex windows 7, 64bit driver issue took me a few days and a second computer to solve. Regardless, I have starting going through the robot C tutorial videos. They have been extremely useful andRead the rest of this page »

Parts are on their way

FOD BOT I project update. I am going to use VEX parts for the first example since they are easily assembled and there is a big developer community.  I am also going to work with the Arduino chip set to see how the various vex sensors work with each.  Since I am a new programmer I am looking to doRead the rest of this page »

FOD BOT 1 project is a go

I am embarking a new journey that I hope will lead to some fun, some money and a lot of learning.  I will be building and programming a robot.  The building part is not that hard, I have done that several times with FIRST teams in Philly and Washington DC.  It is the programming part that is going to beRead the rest of this page »

Will we breed our way to higher average IQ?

My wife and I have talked a lot about this topic. Most of these conversations revolve around the genetic selection of sexes or physical traits, but I think many of the topics are just as applicable to genetic modification of embryos to enhance cognitive capabilities.   In almost every conversation we have on this topic the movie Gattaca is brought upRead the rest of this page »

Autonomous cars are Green and could be much much More

I have been reading about the progress of several manufacturers working on autonomous cars. BMW, Audi, General Motors, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Toyota and Google are just a few of the companies looking to change the way we drive…..er move.  The claims for autonomous vehicles are simple; people behind vehicles acting in reaction to other people in vehicles can onlyRead the rest of this page »

Quantum robotics sound so cool, but there not.

I read an article last week on quantum robots. The article was a bit confusing. So here is my own research on the topic. Hope it helps you  understand how he gets to his conclusion that quantum robots are faster, more accurate, and are able to multitask better than the standard robot. Definition of a robot: A machine capable ofRead the rest of this page »

DNA data storage: 100 million hours of HD video in every cup

I first read about using DNA as a storage device a few months back, DNA data storage: 100 million hours of HD video in every cup.  This article amazed that the technology was already available to do this.  A few months later I was reading about the Monsanto case in front of supreme court.  These two things were swimming aroundRead the rest of this page »

Cool Lego Machines

I am always amazed by the creativity of people.  Someone was able to make a lego machine that consumes paper, makes a paper airplane and then launches said airplane.   Some of my other favorites are the Lego CNC controlled lathe.  I also love this one that recreates one of the original computers the Antikythera Mechanism.     And ofRead the rest of this page »

Happy PI Day

This in my favorite day of the year. It is almost as good and Natural Log Day. Also Happy Birthday Einstein!

Crowd Sourced Engineering part 2

I posted about crowd sourced engineering last week and have had another thought on that topic.  Last week’s post focused on projects where the team was made up of individuals from the crowd.  However there is a different kind of crowd sourced engineering model that has been around for a while, the competition, where the crowd is made up ofRead the rest of this page »

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